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Who We Are

Adam Temple started Bixly.com shortly after his success as a co-founder, to programmer, to general manager at SermonSpice.com. There he learned to successfully run large, high-profile projects and the necessity for fine programming. Seeing a need for quality contract programming at a low price, he started Bixly.

There he learned something you probably already know - it's puzzling to find a company that is both high quality and economic. Finding just one of those qualities in a company isn't very difficult. A group that is both?

This is essentially where Bixly is positioned. Paying for the quality your project deserves doesn't have to break the bank. Since our startup in 2008, we have seen tremendous growth year over year. We are still small however, and take very good care of our clients.

If you haven't introduced yourself, pick up the phone and we'll talk about your current needs and our past projects.


Adam Temple
Adam - CEO/Founder

See Adam's profile for a snapshot of his background. Adam founded Bixly after identifying a large gap in the industry: High quality development at a decent price. He loves building Bixly and has many dreams for it.

Whiz kid Nick is the analytic power behind Bixly. If something needs analyzing, optimizing, perfecting, clarifying, delineating, he's there to answer the call. His official title is Chief Techno-Structure Officer.

As an early investor, George has successfully started multiple companies. His strategic outlook and common sense approach help keep Bixly on the right track.

Administration and Support Team

Caleb W.
PM/Event Coordinator

Cris V.
Project Manager

Dan S.
Remote Partner

David O.
UI Designer

Eric T.
Remote Partner

Jen W.

Matt D.
General Manager

Michelle A.
Training and Consistency

Michael L.
UI Designer

Shane P.
Project Manager

Randol R.

John N.
Remote Partner

Vana M.