In the same way you can work under a master teacher and earn a belt ranking in martial arts, Bixly has a system to reward our best developers. Each belt is awarded to a developer because we have monitored them, worked with them, tested them, and thoroughly discussed which belt they deserve. Each belt award is overseen by our CEO, and at least four other members of Bixly.

The key areas that are graded include, professionalism, code quality, speed in Django and Python, their breadth of knowledge with various tools and more. Much thought has gone into each belt rank awarded, and includes feedback from previous clients when available.

Blue Belt

These developers have a good working knowledge of Python and Django, and can confidently build applications with them. Each Bixly Blue belt has worked on client projects before ever working on your project, and has been mentored by a higher belt rank. That's in addition to their initial multi-week onboarding processing which includes extensive real-world testing and training. They show up on time, perform their work quickly, and will move your project forward.

Purple Belt

This is the second highest level of expertise, and generally takes a programmer a few years to reach this status as a programmer. These programmers have proven very capable over many types of problems, libraries and tools, and have demonstrated such over a good period of time. They are the next step up in speed and consistency. Purple belts can handle complex projects by themselves.

Brown Belt

Brown belts are elite programmers with years of demonstrated ninja-likeness. They have proven over years to have extreme dedication and the highest skill level. These devs are very comfortable working on various OS's, mainly Linux. Their most impressive trait is how they can council clients to make intelligent tech decisions. They are socially outgoing and stand ready to prove it.

Cost of Living Adjustments

Options. We want you to have them. For that very reason we have divided our developers by location. Many times clients call in and want a specific developer location, and we are glad to help. To the righ is a list of our main locations in question, and why they are priced differently.

United States

Near 100% time zone cross over
Comfortable on phone


Work 4 hours daily during PST Business hours