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Our Django Developers...

  • Follow your quality guidelines (Unit tests, OOP, etc.)
  • Create Code that is easy to enhance
  • Undergo in-service training for 2 hours a month
  • Use Django to fully maximize productivity
  • Have already worked on live client projects under a mentor

All Programming Hours: Base Price $35/Hour

Our programmers have expertise and depth when it comes to Django. We have even committed patches to the actual Django project. In addition, we have experience with many other programming languages that compliment Django, including JavaScript/Html/CSS.

Our prices are extremely low compared to industry standards. See this short article for an overview of what you can expect elsewhere. Quality and good prices are hard to find in one company. We exist to fill exactly that role. See the list of past clients that would tell you the same thing.

How Prolancing Works

We take a new approach to contracting developers. The Prolancing paradigm is meant to take the best from Freelancing (flexibility, low prices) and large development firms (reliability, quality control) and create something even better. Our customers love it.

Here are the features of the Bixly contract...

  • Pick a developer (all our devs are highly tested and proven)
  • Pick a rate of development in 20 hour/week increment's
  • Contract keeps going until you are ready to stop it
  • Give us the 3 day stop notice and we will wrap things up
  • You are charged twice monthly for actual hours worked

We know picking a software company can be scary and difficult. We usually suggest you try out Bixly for a small portion of your project to see how things work. Feel free! Have your action plan ready and contract signed and we are good to go.

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