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For new clients, we offer a free two-hour estimation based on the specifications you provide. If you'd like to have chat over the phone, simply contact us and we'll get it set up. Once you're ready, we come to an agreement


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Sign Contract

After the estimation, we will hand you a contract that lets you reserve developers for your project. You set the hours and you stop whenever you'd like. Unlike flat-rate estimates that put the price-tag in the firm's hand, we bill according to hours spent.

Along with your contracted developer, we also assign a friendly and capable Project Manager to help you guide development. We provide 50 minutes a week (10 minutes for each working day) of Project Management time for free. Time past that amount is billable at the same rate as the developer.


Convert Specs into Project Plan

With the help of your Project Manager, you will make a master plan base off what needs to be done. The next step is to break it down to weekly priorities to have the developer(s) execute. The Project Manager will set up tickets for the developer to accomplish and monitor their progress to ensure everything is on track and progressing to your specifications. Read more about creating a Great Plan.

Elements of Development

Commit Process

A commit process helps the reliability of your software. It's critical to live websites, but also helpful in every other software situation. It's a small checklist you give to developers for them to execute before they commit code to the repository.

Example Commit Process

  • Comment code
  • Run entire test suite, and get all tests to pass
  • Commit code to test website (if applicable) and verify code works there also
  • Merge to trunk

Rather than having to pull it from developers, meetings push the information to you. Bixly follows the Scrum tradition by having a 15 minute daily Stand-Up Meeting.

Stand-Up Questions

  • What have I done since last meeting?
  • What will I do until the next one?
  • What is keeping me from being productive?
Task Flow

This process defines what happens when a task is done. In fact, it defines "done" also. This avoids confusion. One developer might think "done" is something different than another. By setting a simple task flow, you can quickly verify that everyone is on the same page.

Example Task Flow

  • Work on tasks that are assigned to you
  • Highest priority tasks/tickets first
  • When completed, assign the task to the product manager
  • As product manager, close task is work is acceptable
Release Process

A release process can be very involved for a large system, it involves many checks and packaging directions, along with links to proper documentation. It's best to have this process highly automated. If that's not possible in your budget, ensure that a document is made that fully explains the release process. Also, it should direct the admin to test major functionality upon release.

Example Release Procedure

  • Run all unit tests
  • Update version numbers
  • Update change-log
  • Update feature lists/known bugs for customers
  • Build and package installer
  • Test major functionality

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