Is There a Perfect Contract?

First of all, we certainly understand that contracting with a development company is scary. Questions like this go through your mind...

Step 1: Due Diligence
Will this company make me look like an idiot?
Am I going to be ripped off?
Am I going to get some loser developer that no other client will take?
Will they even work the way that I want to work?
The answer is yes?

Run away very fast and find another company to work with!
The answer is no?

Go to Step 2!
Step 2: Contract Details
Define the Scope

Write out a User Story of what your site should do when someone interacts with it. From the User Story we extract all the specs that need to be developed to make it happen.

The User Story is the primary reference point for the entire project and is a living document, so it will change and grow as you, and others, start interacting with what we build

Set a Weekly Budget

Since we don't do project estimates, we recommend figuring out a weekly budget you want to invest to make this project happen. If you're under a deadline, we have the horsepower to put into.

Otherwise, figure out a pace (in 20 hour units) that works with your cash-flow and other priorities in your company. We can always crank it up or turn it down after we've started.

We're more than happy to help you figure out what makes the most sense for your situation since we've likely worked with a client in your exact situation.

Have A Simple Agreement

We don't have an in-house legal team trying to find stuff to do, so our contracts are uber-simple.

They're simply a reflection of what you outlined in the vision and budget and give us something to refer to in case either of us forget where we started.

There are no weasel-clauses and there is no set length beyond a week-to-week gameplan.

Step 3: Launch
Daily Standups

Every afternoon we have a meeting checking in on tasks and any questions developers have about the project. The Project Manager will facilitate it and can handle it with or without your participation.

The Standup usually lasts 15 minutes, but you're free to extend it as long as you need.

Weekley Review

Each week you will meet with your Project Manager and Developer(s) to review what had been completed in that Sprint and plan for the next one.

We like the one week timeframe because it keeps everyone on the same page and reduces the chance for big problems showing up later on.

Move Forward

yesDo it Again Next Week

If you're happy we're happy and we'll keep this party going.

noTerminate The Project

Not happy for some reason? You can cancel your project at any time and we'll hand everything over that we've created.

We only want to work with happy clients, so don't worry about being trapped by an onerous contract.

Have some questions?

Give us project details and we will get back to you within one business day. 100% confidential!

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The price per hour is $35. Billing is simple: Invoices are sent out twice a month, on the 5th and 20th. Our auto-billing system authorizes payments for you, so there is no hassle. Invoices are charged to your credit card automatically 48 hours after sending. We are an Approved Vendor.