The culture of Bixly is fun and chalk-full of community, food and Halo. We take pride in our work environment and are constantly optimizing it. - David O
Creative Expert

Our Culture, in Photos

The Whole Story

Adam Temple started shortly after his success as co-founder, to programmer, to general manager at There he learned to successfully run large, high-profile projects and about the necessity for quality programming. Seeing this need for quality contract programming at a low price, he started Bixly.

While at Bixly he learned something you probably already know - it's puzzling to find a company that is both highly qualified and economic. Finding just one of those qualities in a company isn't very difficult but a company that is both is almost impossible to find. The good news is that this is where Bixly is positioned. Paying for quality doesn't have to break the bank.

Since our startup in 2008, we have seen tremendous growth, with ongoing and more robust projects coming our way every day. With this growth we have continued to keep a small business feel and take care of each and every client that comes our way with a fun and professional team.

If you haven't introduced yourself already, pick up the phone or shoot us an email. We'll excited to talk about your current needs as well as our past success.

"The entire mentality of Bixly is 'work hard, play hard' .... it's a purposeful drive for excellent relationships that fuel excellent workers."

- Caleb W

"Working with Bixly is like solving new puzzles everyday. I can get creative with the way I do my job while doing it excellently. Doesn't feel like working at all!"

- Bash S

"It's a great place to learn web development. From the terminal all the way to the end user experience."

- Alex C

"I like the chill but dedicated working atmosphere. People are goofy but disciplined. It's constant learning and serious fun."

- Gianina J

Major Players

Adam Temple


Adam founded Bixly after identifying a large gap in the industry: High-quality development at a decent price. He loves building Bixly and has many dreams for it.

Adam's Profile

Nick Wortley


Nick Wortley is the analytic power behind Bixly. If something needs analyzing, optimizing, perfecting, clarifying, or delineating, he's here to answer the call.

Nick's Profile

George T

As an early investor, George has successfully started multiple companies. His strategic outlook and common sense approach help keep Bixly on the right track.

Here Are Just A Few of Our Experts

Tom K Tom K Developer
Brie M Brie M Developer
Alex C Alex C Developer
Kory D Kory D Developer
Aaron C Aaron C Developer
Rob B Rob B Developer
Marcus G Marcus G Developer
Diego D Diego D Developer
Niko C Niko C Front End Developer
Aaron K Aaron K Front End Developer
Randol R Randol R System Administrator
Cris V Cris V Chief Account Manager
Cody B Cody B Project Manager
Alexandra C Alexandra C Chief Operations Manager

"Bixly has a great mix of people. From people starting out all the way to experts. There is always someone I can go to for questions and someone with whom I can share what I've learned."

- Kory D

"A never ending learning experience, nothing is impossible at Bixly."

- John P

"We are not just building good quality software but we, at Bixly INC, are building a family full of amazing people."

- John A

"Bixly is full of fun, creative, super skilled people - the perfect recipe for a culture that nourishes problem solving and inspires great code."

- Shandy S

California Based and Growing

Based in southern and central California, Bixly is strategically located to provide the talented development and design teams needed to make any application come to life. We are constantly growing our team to acquire new and greater talent throughout the state, as well as looking to expand and multiply our existing locations over the next 5 years.

On time and on budget. Bixly, full-stack design and development specialists.

Map of California with pointers on Fresno and Orange County,LA