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Can't wait until you have the budget for a full-time CTO?

You need a Fractional CTO to plan, budget, assess risk, and build your technical team now.

Adam Temple

Nick Wortely

Andrew Savala

Cody Beardsley

Alexandra Lauber

Im Khem

Tyler Souza

Aaron Knott

Vincent Chho

Board Members



Adam Temple founded Bixly after identifying a need in the industry: High-quality development at a decent price.


Board Member

George was one of Bixly's original investors and has always helped us see the larger picture.


Nick has moved on to operate a startup launched out of Bixly, and is still an active board member.

About Us

Bixly was founded in 2008 with a simple vision. Not every company can justify or afford a CTO. If you have a tech product, but you're not a SaaS company, a rich six-figure salary and benefits package may not be in the budget. If you are a SaaS start-up, you know you need a CTO but may not have it in the budget either.

We've built software for hundreds of companies in nearly every vertical. We have walked through nearly every mistake that can be made in tech. We've found solutions to resolve them. We have the experience required to be the changemakers in your company.

Our Fractional CTOs have nearly 50 years of experience combined. Add to that a bench of senior software engineers and you have the power to transform your business.