Build and deploy an enterprise-wide workflow in weeks, not months.

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Connect and Control.

We are dedicated to automating your company's workflows. Tell us your pain points and we will create software to meet your needs in weeks. Our secret sauce has been in the works for 4 years. What do you get? Working software and support staff for a low monthly price.

Industry Example:

Before Bixly Automate, you had to coordinate complex travel schedules with several tools and define legal procedures for paperwork that you hope is followed. Turn social processes and unspoken rules into irrifutable, simple tasks. Get notified when processes aren't followed or when metrics are out of bounds.

Popular integrations include: Clio, Quicktate, and PracticePanther.

Industry Example:

Our clients needed tools to automate repair, maintenance, and crews. Because of their unique position, no single tool managed this for them. Now we've enabled them to coordinate with various crews and admin staff seamlessly using many tools connected by Bixly Automate.

Popular integrations include: accounting software, BIM 360, and SitePoint.

How it Works

Tell us about your company and we create a chart of the workflow.

Bixly Automate turns this workflow into a robust software system that integrates with your existing tools! The above could result in the following things taking place.

Create a Trello task for PM.

Send finished proposals to DocuSign for signatures.

Get more Detail from anyone with a form.

Send an Email when a task is finished.