Business Automation Integration is Available Now

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Business Automation Integrations

One thing we’ve discovered…

is that we often end up saying “Automate can do anything!” It’s a wonderful thing to be able to say, but it’s a tough message to sell. Part of the problem is: who wouldn’t be dubious hearing that? If I were on the other side of the table, I would be. And on top of that, it’s hard even to imagine what you want to do first when a whole new world of possibilities have been opened up for you! In order to get those gray cells tickled, take a look at a few of the business automate integrations we’ve already done.

  • Email. We can send emails to your team as reminders, to assign tasks, or alert managers that processes are out of compliance. We can also send beautifully, fully styled emails to your clients, clickable buttons and personalized messages.
  • Chat. Some find that including automation or BPM in your company suddenly results in everyone’s inbox being so full, they ignore everything. That’s not good and definitely doesn’t streamline anything. We can also send messages via chat to circumvent the problem. Some alerts are better sent this way. Or, you can set up a chat bot that regularly sends you adorable cat photos every day. You know, to keep up morale!
  • SMS. This works great when you have staff on the field. Do you do repairs or updates at locations across cities or even the country? Let us send text messages for you. We can send directions, addresses, new assignments, updates, whatever you need.
  • Twilio. Send authenticated messages of any kind… but automated! We can enforce rules and triggers so that certain types of messages are sent at orchestrated times or in response to particular events and to specified recipients.
  • Google driveOrganize your shared documents automatically. Alert staff when documents are available. Let us create your folder structure according to any rules put in place. Share or restrict access depending on users or where you are in the process.
  • Box. Do you use Box instead of Google drive? Well we can provide the same automation to Box as well.
  • Google SheetsLet us add data to your spreadsheets or react to the data that is inbound.
  • Trello. Do you love Trello as much as we do? It’s user-friendly, it’s customizable… but you have to keep up on your own board. Make Trello even more powerful by adding customization. Read more about what we can do here.
  • Basecamp. Add rules to basecamp. Let us create tickets, title them, add checklists, track their state for you, and much more!
  • Clio. We can add events to your calendar with participants, notes, attachments, and any title you want. Let us find a slot to schedule something for you according to any rules you want to enforce. We can create matters and perform conflict checks.
  • Smartsheets. We can add tasks and assign them. We can help identify your critical path. We can add rules, change assignments, and update data for line items in your gantt chart.
  • OAuth II. With OAuth we are able to confirm that only the right people are able to interact with your process.

Business automation integration can connect the tools you love

Okay, so maybe you use the tools, but maybe you use something else, and you’re wondering, can we connect with the one you love? The answer is probably. For example, we haven’t done integrations for these, yet, but we could do integrations with: Salesforce, Quickbooks, Pipeline Deals, Google Cal, Jira, Dropbox, Zendesk, Mail Chimp, Right Signature, Get Jobber, and so many more. Seriously. If it has an API, we can connect to it.

If you have a different tool that you are currently working with and you want to know if we can connect to it, just comment below or email us at

You can Automate Trello

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Hello world!

New BPM Consultant Paradigm

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Find a client, service a client, get paid by the client…repeat, repeat, repeat. This is the current paradigm of the BPM Consultant. Getting paid for billable time. If you want to earn more, you have to work more. This is currently the only way to get there. This is neither scalable nor desirable for the long term.


Are you stuck on a stairway to nowhere?


As a BPM consultant, you have years of experience, brainpower, problem-solving, and client relations as a BPM consultant. In most cases, the software could not function without your help. In You, the consultant, know the client’s needs, wants, and desires better than the company providing your BPM tool. So why they share in the large monthly fees? What is the solution to this problem?


Bixly Automate: the BPM consultants best friend.

Bixly has been building quality software since 2009 for companies including Google and Sony. Now with Automate the BPM Consultant gets to do what they do best. Automate is a newer more powerful BPM architecture. It allows rapid, custom development, interfacing with the client’s processes and programs in a flexible and transparent way. That is how Bixly can afford to offer a better BPM and offer cost savings to the client.

Recently one recent customer shared their BPMN and the received price quote, Bixly was able to exceed the client’s expectations and give them 20% in the total cost savings with a bonus of tech support that the competition did not provide.

Automate can match existing BPM features and offer new features, custom built, while giving superior customer service, support all with a lower price.

Bixly’s business model relies heavily on the BPM consultant because they are the experts in the field and know the real world demands of the BPM. Bixly does not want reinvent that wheel. Instead, we want to focus creating a better more powerful BPM product, while taking good care of the consultant. We want the consultant be the advocate and adviser for what the client needs. Bixly’s desire is to be the BPM consultants best friend.


The Automate paradigm allows the consultant to handle more clients by doing the heavy lifting on the programming and support side, relying in the consultant to do what they do best–take great care of the client.

This is how the process works: the consultant works with the client to develop the BPMN, process need and technical specifications.Upon completion the consultant and Bixly work together on features, timelines and pricing to ensure a great fit. Agreements are signed and the software is built out. Then the new software is tested by Bixly under the care of the consultant in the background without disrupting the current process. As the consultant and client sign off on the new BPM then the rollout happens. As monies are collected by Bixly the commissions and fees are dispersed on a monthly basis and continue as long the client remains. Each new rollout or new feature set equals a new monthly increase with the client’s agreement in payout for the BPM consultant. There’s no gotcha’s or surprises. Bixly wants to provide a cutting edge BPM tool to the consultant, and thereby help companies become more effecient, effective, and accurate.


Let’s recap, the client gets a better BPM, cost savings and support. The BPM consultant gets a happier client and continuing monthly payments. Bixly gets to build a better BPM software. That about sums it up.

If this sounds interesting contact us for more information

contact GT

Okay, but What is Bixly Automate?

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Simply put, Automate is the one tool that will completely revolutionize the BMP market.

In some ways, Automate is hard to explain because it’s ground breaking! There’s nothing else that exists on the market like it. At the same time, there’s almost nothing Automate can’t do, as far as automating processes. So what am I left with saying? That this BPM platform is completely unique and endlessly capable! That really doesn’t narrow anything down for you. And it’s the kind of thing that sounds too good to be true. When I go on to say that we can develop custom BPM software for a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time, with full support… well now it sounds like I’m making the whole thing up. I know.

But as the old saying goes, seeing is believing. Watch the video to see just one example of Automate in action!

If you’re a BPM consultant, Automate is one tool you do not want to miss out on. We are changing the BMP game and we want to connect with you in order to offer the best value to your clients. If you’re a business with automation needs, contact us and we will consult with you on your spec! Either way, email us at

Designer Emails with Automate

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All of our clients choose to take advantage of the many ways that Automate can send out complex emails. Automate can fill in specific data fields, and send them to particular recipients, based on certain workflow conditions. With this type of document automation we know that the right information gets into the right hands — every time and quickly! Almost all of this seamless communication is for internal use: from one department to another, or as an alert that certain things are happening elsewhere in that company’s tech stack.

And when information that’s being shared internally, aesthetics tend to take a backseat. But what about when you’re interfacing with your clients? We always want our emails not only to be professionally written, but to look professional as well. This may be as small as using your company logo in the email signature to something as complex as a marketing type email.

I was curious about certain type of marketing triggers we might employ and the implications on our emailing system. Here is an example designer email I had our team create. Now this is the type of delicious looking email I would be proud to send to a client!

Designer Email

Document automation just got a lot more beautiful