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Service Packages

In addition to dedicated support packages, we also offer the following services to support your project, provide security, and improve your infrastructure.

Cloud Monitoring

One monitoring toolkit of your choice per environment. Some of our recommended services are, Datadog, or Papertrail. We can then monitor your system for you, or send the reports to a team member of your choice.


per environment

SSL Certification

Includes one SSL LetsEncrypt certificate renewal and installation for one domain. Ensure your website domain is secure and renewed for the year.


per certificate

DevOps Audit

We evaluate your codebase, documentation, and production environment. We deliver a full report of all findings and our suggestions for amelioration where needed.

$4,990 per week*

*2-3 weeks

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Support Packages

If you need ongoing support form our DevOps team, we have packages for that too! Whether you need on-demand support or dedicated team members, we can suit your project's needs.


Our on-demand team can be available when you need them, but not when you don't. This is a great package if you don't have a DevOps engineer and you don't have consistent, ongoing sysadmin work for your project. Get 15 hours each month for your project.

$1490 per month*

*109 per hour for each additional hour

Dedicated Support

Do you need a DevOps engineer to integrate with your software team regularly? Do you have a large project that needs guaranteed uptime for your customers and robust security? Get a dedicated DevOps engineer assigned to your project either part-time or full-time.

$109 per hour

Optimize Your Dev Team

What You Get

Get technical experts without the overhead of hiring, managing, benefits, and coaching.



We have a decade of experience hiring senior level devops engineers. We have a proven vetting process.


Providing Scale

We maintain a pool of tested candidates to bring onto your new projects quickly. We can scale with your needs.


Integrated Team

Our team is experienced with collaborating both internally and with any additional developers or technical team members. Standard practices from spin up to deployment to project management are already in place.


Designated Experts

It's nearly impossible to get one person who can handle all the necessary tasks. Leverage our DevOps engineers to ensure your project runs smoothly and is secure.

Optimize Your Dev Team