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About The Project

Educeri was a new online offering from a curriculum development and research company called DataWORKS Educational Research. DataWORKS had been providing lessons, lesson plans, and lesson audits to schools and teachers primarily in a PowerPoint format. They identified a new market gap with digital classrooms, smartboards, and the increased level of technology in the classroom to offer these lessons through a streaming subscription model.

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Features & User Stories

Educeri was designed to be offered with a subscription to a single user or as an enterprise solution for schools or districts to purchase and administrate individual teacher licenses. Educeri also specializes in having standards-based lessons which are research-based, meaning the lesson delivery models are based on the latest cognitive theories. 

The goal was to make the lessons as easily accessible for the teacher in the classroom as possible. A teacher can log in, select their lessons, and teach from within the website, either presenting from a laptop or even interacting with a smartboard.

Prior to developing Educeri, DataWORKS was consistently running into the problem of unlicensed lessons being shared between teachers or even uploaded to a school website for anyone to access. Securing their educational content behind a robust paywall was important for DataWORKS. 

DataWORKS also wanted to make the user experience for the teacher to be seamless. With a frictionless signup, straightforward administration from the school or district level, and the ability to pay for access with a purchase order, we combined these features to ensure an easy onboarding process for new teachers or administrators.

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DataWORKS has an in-house designer and often runs sales, promotions, or features events on their homepage. As such Bixly integrated a WordPress homepage for their in-house team to easily change their features as needed. The backend was built on Python/Django with a third-party tool that rendered the original PowerPoint presentations online.


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