About The Project

Educeri was a new online offering from a curriculum development and research company called DataWORKS Educational Research. DataWORKS had been providing lessons, lesson plans, and lesson audits to schools and teachers primarily in a PowerPoint format. They identified a new market gap with digital classrooms, smartboards, and the increased level of technology in the classroom to offer these lessons through a streaming subscription model. 


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Features and User Stories

Educeri was designed to be offered with a subscription to a single user or as an enterprise solution for schools or districts to purchase and administrate individual teacher licenses. Educeri also specializes in having standards-based lessons which are research based, meaning the lesson delivery models are based on the latest cognitive theories. 

The goal was to make the lessons as easily accessible for the teacher in the classroom as possible. A teacher can login, select their lessons, and teach from within the website, either presenting from a laptop or even interacting with a smartboard.

Prior to developing Educeri, DataWORKS was consistently running into the problem of unlicensed lessons being shared between teachers or even uploaded to a school website for anyone to access. Securing their educational content behind a robust paywall was important for DataWORKS. 

DataWORKS also wanted to make the user experience for the teacher to be seamless. With a frictionless signup, straightforward administration from the school or district level, and the ability to pay for access with a purchase order, we combined these features to ensure an easy onboarding process for new teachers or administrators.


DataWORKS has an in-house designer and often runs sales, promotions, or features events on their homepage. As such Bixly integrated a Wordpress homepage for their in-house team to easily change their features as needed. The backend was built on Python/Django with a third-party tool which rendered the original PowerPoint presentations online. 

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