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You need a CTO.
But can you afford one?

Get an experienced CTO at a fraction of the cost.


How will a CTO help you?

  • Thousands of projects
  • Develop a full scope and roadmap
  • We've worked in nearly every industry
  • Leverage our experience
  • Identify the best path for a profitable software product
  • Incorporate customer feedback with business goals
  • Grow your technical team as needed
  • Proven Bixly process: engineers vet engineers

Let's Triage

Obligation-free and no pressure. Let's discover how we can advance your company today!

Get the Power of an Experienced Team

A CTO is a multi-faceted executive who is responsible for translating business initiatives into clear technology directives. A Fractional CTO can plan tech projects, streamline revenue, assess risk, and build your engineering team. Every company relies heavily on technology for its business operations. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the tech requirement is even more of a minefield. Navigate your company's future with confidence. Combined, our team has 50 years of industry experience.

Adam - Round - Transparent

Adam Temple

20 Years of Experience

Previous Titles

CEO, Founder, Mobile Developer, Web Developer, Marketing UI/UX Designer, Product Developer, Blockchain Advisor


I am able to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical team members. This translates to software architecture that accurately reflects executive needs, including budget and timeline. I connect quickly with important team members to keep everyone's needs met.

Nick Round Transparent-1

Nicholas Wortley

15 Years of Experience

Previous Titles

CEO, CTO, Founder, Programmer, Product Owner, Advisor


I specialize in insightfully identifying key solutions and analyzing details to achieve larger business goals. I am able to efficiently execute solutions that directly correlate with essential business outcomes.

Cody Compressed

Cody Beardsley

12 Years of Experience

Previous Titles

CTO, Head of DevOps, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Architect, R&D Engineer, Cybersecurity, and Revenue Modeling.


I bring expertise and experience to navigate technology challenges and find solutions that meet project goals. I prioritize creating efficient engineering teams that are agile and adaptable, capable of meeting evolving needs and leveraging new technologies.

Andrew Compressed

Andrew Savala

21 Years of Experience

Previous Titles

COO, CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, Software Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer


I’m particularly good at directly interfacing with clients to gather requirements and craft perfect-fit solutions.  I enjoy being the proxy between clients and developers in the role of project manager.

Alexandra Compressed-2

Alexandra Lauber

Alexandra has a combined seven years of experience working in the tech industry. She has specialized in recruiting for technical roles, from software engineers to UI/UX designers to DevOps engineers. She has also worked as the product owner on countless automation projects for clients. She is particularly skilled in finding the right person for your team, both in terms of softskills or cultural fit and in terms of technical skills.


Fractional CTO: Foster your business goals into clear tech directives

  • Do you need help implementing AI?
  • Do you need to get a software project back on track?
  • Are you bleeding money on unused or underused technology?
  • Do you need to address increasing security threats?
  • Do you need to prepare for a merge or acquisition?
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"We're really happy with Bixly. They are fast, deliver with quality, and gel well with our team... I highly recommend them."

"I appreciate their drive and creative direction... Looking forward to releasing our new product and am thankful to work with this great team!"

"The meetings stay on point, and questions are quickly communicated... I've been very satisfied thus far."

“Bixly has been a crucial resource in the development of NCIC’s new Kiosk system. It has been an absolute pleasure to find a company with enough experience and talent to get the job done."

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Bixly, and we will certainly be contacting them on our future projects."

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Triage

We discuss your company's needs and where you see the gaps. We identify the Bixly team that will best fill those gaps.

2. Plan

Advance your business by aligning your goals with tech outcomes. Identify the best path for revenue growth through your software.

3. Advise

We are your partner from discovery to development to launch and iteration.

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Let's Triage

Obligation-free and no pressure. Let's discover how we can advance your company today!