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Lead Sherpa

About The Project

Lead Sherpa is a web app that aids real estate agents with compliant marketing text messages. With this tool, you can manage, track and follow up with new leads, and sync information to your favorite CRM. Users can manage their leads and clients, set up campaigns, and organize markets by location. We have worked closely with the VP of engineering to evolve the app from implementing a new design to updating their code base to support mobile and desktop apps to implementing brand new dashboard and reporting tools!

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Updates & Upgrades

To begin with, we updated the code base. Not all projects require this, but this one did. We often recommend a code audit to get a clear picture of the code base and assess its merits for further development. The main goal of this update was to support both desktop and mobile.

We have implemented several apps using React, expanding the features quickly for our client, including tools that send out surveys or manage customer support. In addition, our code upgrade included some fancy state management to ensure the app stays lightweight and fast. By decoupling data that would normally be complex and intertwined, we ensure that there are no unnecessary duplicates, no matter where or how the app may need to call upon that data.

Our upgrades also include intuitively importing data. CSVs are great solutions that are a simple enough add-on to program, but it puts the burden of precision on the user, and it can be a headache to double or triple check a huge spreadsheet before uploading. With our solution, users can upload CSVs and our parser will intuitively connect headers to the proper ELD on the app . Users are able to confirm or adjust what data is going where before finalizing.

We made custom graphs for their data, as well as a table of high-scores for team leaders to review. The app is designed for a single user or for a whole team to work together to develop their leads. As such, there are complex user permissions to manage who can see what data and have access to certain tools. The dashboard for these different levels of access reflect what that team member needs to see in order to do their job well.

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As with many of the projects we work on, the backend is done in Python/Django. This robust language and framework is fast for web development and has tons of libraries ready to use and modify. The frontend is in React with additional libraries from Typescript, Reactstrap and Redux. With these tools in place, we can make the site beautiful and responsive.

Perhaps one of the pieces we are particularly proud of are the extensive tests we developed in the Cypress environment. Because this application allows users to reach out to their clients, we want to make sure that every scenario works absolutely perfectly and with our automated tests running, this is now possible!


A great balance between programmatic ideals and practicality.


This JS framework continues to grow in popularity.


The most respected framework for creating quality web software.


Used from day one for front and backend development.

APIs & Other Integrated Solutions

We programmed the Lead Sherpa tool to be connectable using the Zapier APIs. Users who have a favorite CRM or other tools related to their Real Estate business, can easily customize what data and how it is shared between these applications.

Users can also leverage skip tracing more reliably and faster than before. Upload a list of names and addresses, and the LeadSherpa app can fill in the blanks by also gathering phone numbers, names of relatives, and additional addresses. Is it only one potential lead that you need info about? Users can now run skip tracing against one name instead of a full import.

Users' privacy remains protected through all aspects of the platform. Text campaigns don't use their personal number, but, instead, a mix of phone numbers sourced from a carrier, especially for texting. Users also have the option to relay high-priority conversations to their own personal mobile device through a feature called "Prospect Relay." Once connected, the user's personal number will be masked with the Lead Sherpa phone number for both calls and texts, ensuring a seamless transition between the software and personal device, all while remaining private and protected.

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