Roadmapping Pricing

Project Roadmapping is obligation free. Start your roadmapping journey with us and take the plan to other development firms to get pricing. Or, jump right into development with our team of experts.


Free 60-minute meeting with Bixly CEO, Cris Venegas.

  • Validate your app idea
  • Get expert feedback
  • Technology suggestions


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Full Roadmap

Roadmapping generally takes two to four weeks of research, planning, and scoping.

  • Project scope
  • User stories
  • Wireframes
  • Sample designs
  • Integrations and APIs research
  • Executive business advice


*minimum two-week commitment
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Kick Off Your Project

Project roadmapping is the best cost for value. Think of it as the MVP for your MVP. Tackle all your unknowns, get a fixed price and timeline to build your new app idea today.

Staff Augmentation Pricing

Get a code audit, start with planning, or jump right into development with our team of experts.


Ensure a secure, stable, and well tested project.



Get fully developed hi-fidelity designs for your web or mobile project.



Professional frontend and backend development on your project.


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Need hourly work? Leverage our team of development experts without the HR headaches. With Staff Augmentation, we do the recruiting for you. Get speed and scale, implement our integrated team, and gain our decade’s worth of experience.