Developers Who Dream In Python

Bixly is a California company of smart programmers. Our developers love programming in Python, especially on top of Django. Our desire is to work alongside the client at every stage of the project from discovery to deployment, ensuring agile, quick, and accurate results. At the end of the day, we want to see your dream become real software.

Why choose Bixly?

The main reason clients keep engaging us is our focus. Our focus has been on Python since 2008. While we do support many other technologies (Native Mobile Apps, Ubuntu, Angular, etc.), Python and Django have been at our core since Bixly's inception. Add that to our rich culture, company founders who were once full-time programmers, an admin staff that is available every business day, flexible contracts, affordable prices, and you get a professional, expert team focused on delivering your project. It's why we continue to have many of the same clients renew contracts year after year.

Why I left a comfortable job…

I started Bixly in 2008 and left very comfortable and a juicy salary. I haven't looked back because I get to help people all over the world with their tech needs. We've helped behemoth clients like Sony, Google, and other secret projects that are under strict NDA's, along with very small clients. In that time the Python and Django landscape have really matured, and so has our company. I am so proud of my team and I know we can help your product or organization get to the next level with our programming expertise.  

- Adam Temple, Founder and CEO

Contract Features

Pick a developer (all our devs are highly tested and proven)

Pick a rate of development in 20 hour/week increment's

Contract keeps going until you are ready to stop it

Give us the 3 day stop notice and we will wrap things up

You are charged twice monthly for actual hours worked

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We know picking a software company can be scary and difficult. We usually suggest you try out Bixly for a small portion of your project to see how things work. Feel free! Have your action plan ready and contract signed and we are good to go.