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Transform Your Business with CTO Advisement



Fractional CTO

Foster your business goals into clear tech directives

Align product development with RevOps. Scale your engineering team in lockstep with your growth. Make informed decisions about tech. Harmonize your engineering team with business goals.
Staff Augmentation

A superior development team without the HR headaches.

No longer worry about finding and vetting talent, payroll, benefits, and management. We handle all that for you! And we can deliver the custom app you need. Experts in Python/Django, ReactJS, Angular 2+, React Native, and Ionic. We have a deep bench of talent!


Supercharge your dev team with DevOps.

Run and maintain an efficient and secure project with our DevOps engineers. From implementing CI/CD pipelines to auditing the code to implementing cloud hosting, our team can handle all the system administrative tasks while ensuring your project stays on track.

Bring order to your chaos

Benefit from an experienced CTO in your back pocket for a fraction of the cost.