Get Started Project-Based

Project Details

Any project details will work. However, the more exact the specs are, the more exact our estimation will be. Here are some items that are helpful when estimating:

  • 1

    A list of major features

  • 2

    Description for each major feature

  • 3

    The purpose for each feature

  • 4

    Source code if we are not starting from scratch

  • 5

    Similar projects that can be referenced as an example

  • 6

    The desired budget and timeline for your project.

User Stories

We then take these items and create user stories from them. These are small descriptions of how the software work, meant for easy and accurate collaboration. If you want your estimation to be delivered faster, consider turning your specs into user stories yourself.

Get Started With Time and Materials

Pick a developer (all our devs are highly tested and proven)

Pick a rate of development in 20 hour/week increment's

Contract keeps going until you are ready to stop it

Give us the 3 day stop notice and we will wrap things up

You are charged twice monthly for actual hours worked